Discover The Benefits Of Partnering With A Specialist Outsource Call Centre -

Delivering a professional, confident and seamless customer service experience is essential for reassuring your customers that they can trust you.

This can be tough when you are under pressure every day.  With so many conflicting “must do’s” just to keep service levels acceptable,  it can be difficult to find time to focus on the long term strategy for your business.

That’s why more and more businesses are finding that partnering with a specialist outsourced call centre can remove barriers, improve service levels and create opportunities for your business.


Outsourcing Your Customer Service Will Improve Your Core Business Focus

The daily problem of maintaining a high level of customer service can lead to a loss of focus on key business development:

- Sickness requires shifting of labour
- In-house teams require constant management
- Maintaining cover means ongoing planning and training

In-house teams are financially inefficient.  If it’s quiet, efficiency is low, if it’s busy, resource is limited – leading to poor service levels.

Partnering with Open Contact will remove all of those problems from your daily business, allowing you to focus on managing strategically.

Our team will be trained to work as part of your team, to your standards and with your values.

Through forming a close working relationship between our people and yours, we can rapidly integrate to deliver a seamless experience for your customers.


Outsourcing Your Customer Contact Will Create Opportunities For Your Business

Choosing to work with Open Contact is an intelligent strategic business decision. It has immediate benefits and can create new opportunities.

The removal of fixed labour costs creates an opportunity for you to invest in improving, or expanding your business.

New directions for your business can be developed more quickly.  A strategic partnership with Open Contact will also give you instant access to our extensive business consultancy experience, through working with major UK brands such as The View From The Shard.

Outsourcing levels the playing field. You can now easily provide the same comprehensive customer service as larger or more established companies.


Outsourced Call Centres Are Not All The Same

We pride ourselves on the successful partnerships we have built with our long term clients.

Through years of working with, and learning from, some of the UK’s top leisure and retail brands, we are able to rapidly respond to your needs to create a bespoke solution to deliver excellent service standards.

There are many outsourcing call centres here in the UK, but few focus on building long term relationships and understanding in the way we do.  We have found that our unique strategy creates a level of trust that brings huge benefits to our clients.


Contact Fiona today  to discuss your plans in detail and learn how Open Contact can support your business.

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