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30 March 2013
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Survey Finds That Customers Want Service Rather Than Price Savings

Would you rather pay a higher amount in exchange for a better service than purchase a cheaper product that will provide a lower quality service?  Research has revealed that for the majority of customers, service is more important to customers when making a purchasing decision than a low price, although price is of course still […]

26 March 2013
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The Shifting Sands Of The Outsource Contact Centre Marketplace

Many large companies outsourced their call centre function overseas to cut costs. In some cases they shifted their entire customer service handling, lock stock and barrel, to one or more foreign countires to save money.  India became the call-centre capital of the whole world, built on a cost-saving agenda, not a quality agenda. But now, […]

10 March 2013
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Why Outsource Your Customer Service?

Is call centre outsourcing right for my company? Outsourcing your call handling with OpenContact can be on a large or small scale, allowing us to take care of particular business need, making the most of our skills, locations and resources. Planned effective outsourcing, can provide a number of long-term benefits, so why should you consider […]

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