Inbound Call Handling Services

UK-based inbound call handling servicesOpenContact has more than a decade of experience in providing excellent service levels that integrate seamlessly within a clients business model.  Below are a few examples of the types of inbound call handling services we can provide.

Unlike most other outsource call centres, we don’t try to cram you into an “off the shelf” solution that makes it easier for us.  Whatever your inbound call handling requirement, please contact Fiona Temple to find out how OpenContact can help you deliver the service that fits your business.


Order Taking & Sales Support

Whatever you are selling, we can handle it.  Our agents are fully trained on your products, so that they can knowledgeably deal with your customers’ needs. Proficient in cross-selling and upselling, OpenContact can maximise your transactional revenue.



The travel and leisure sector is one of our strongest pedigrees through our partnering with premium brands such as Go Ape and The View From The Shard. The blend of great products and passionate service provided by our agents delivers an unbeatable offering for customers. OpenContact can expertly manage every aspect of the booking process for your brand.


Customer Service

Being dealt with in a professional , knowledgeable manner and receiving a successful outcome is key to maintaining your customer base. The care we put into every single customer contact, inbound and outbound, will help to deliver you a high level of customer satisfaction. Repeat business is key to your success, and ours. That is why “our business is your call”.

We aim to achieve first call resolution, to keep your customer service calls to a minimum.

Our team can deliver on all aspects of the customer service you need to provide, from pre and post sales enquiries, delivery enquiries, complaints, returns, cancellations, through to refund processing.


Campaign response

Whether your customers’ responses are by phone, fax, email, post, SMS text or web-based, our UK-based inbound call centre team can handle them. Our people and systems can integrate with your own web applications, or one designed by us. However you need to capture your data, we can help.


Brochure Request Line

We can provide this service using live operators, or our automated technology, capturing all the necessary information. Processed data is delivered to you in any format you need, to the timescales you require.  Our whole-of-process experience means we can also send out your brochure from our mailing & fulfilment department if required.


Charity Appeals

OpenContact has worked with a number of national charities, delivering them an effective inbound call centre solution. We understand the sensitivities involved and the need to provide a good value service, that ensures the charity benefits as much as possible. We also know that although sensitivity is required, gentle persuasion to take incentives or higher value options is something many charities rely on to maximise the income they put to good use.


Contact Fiona Temple For an Informal Chat | Why Partner With OpenContact?


About Our Inbound Call Centre Services

OpenContact provides bespoke outsourcing solutions to a range of clients across the UK. From providing call centre services for small businesses, through to supporting large companies such as Go Ape where we handle their entire customer service function, we allow you to focus on the important parts of your business.

With a fast turnaround on set-up and a fantastic team to deal with, we can make things easy for you.



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