Out Of Hours Call Handling

we can take your out of hours callsOur modern world expects more than a 9 to 5 response.  This means multi-channel and it means anytime.

As a business owner it can be challenging to match the expectations of your customers with your own internal resources.  That is why many people now employ a more flexible option to deal with their customers during non-peak times, and provide wider “shop opening times” even when your own team have finished for the day.


Deliver Great Customer Service 24/7 By Outsourcing Your Out Of Hours Calls.


OpenContact can support your core team by covering your off-peak times whether that’s in the evenings or at weekends. You can deliver a consistent service level without increasing the fixed overhead, while your customers can rely on you whenever they need to get in touch.

We can handle all inbound and outbound contact, whether your customer prefers to phone, email, live chat or text.


Contact Fiona Temple For an Informal Chat | Why Partner With OpenContact?





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