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10 March 2013
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Dogtag is an award winning travel insurance for action minded travellers. A unique ID and Rescue system makes it the travel insurance of choice for adventure, watersports, mountain sports, skiing & snowboarding, backpacking and many more.

Dogtag provide their policyholders with a stainless steel engraved `Dogtag’ that acts as ID and proof of cover, as well as giving emergency phone numbers and web address. In the event of an emergency, medics can access policyholder details including blood type, medical conditions and next of kin, etc. The Dogtag is at the heart of the unique travel pack provided with all policies

Travellers notoriously leave insurance to the last minute but expect to receive their documentation before they depart on holiday. Dogtag quickly recognised the need for a fulfilment house that was both flexible and fleet of foot. The proposition needed to be same day despatch, or at worst next day.

The main fulfilment requirement comprises laser printed policy document, individually engraved stainless steel Dogtags and chains, policy booklet, all inside a neat travel wallet. Seasonal fluctuations in demand can be quite wide.

Dogtag appointed OpenContact from the start of their business in 2001, when the original Dogtags were plastic and needed assembling in `frames’.

OpenContact showed a willingness to take on unfamiliar technology such as the initial plastic card printer and later, laser engraving machinery, alongside their existing paper laser printing capability and labour-intensive assembly and packing.

Services Provided.
Data download and management
Laser printing of policy documents
Laser engraving of stainless steel Dogtags
Assembly, packing & despatch of travel packs
Stock management

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