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10 March 2013
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UK General Insurance uses OpenContact inbound and outbound call centre services to cost-effectively deliver high quality customer service and increase sales of their portfolio of products

ocus on the provision of niche general insurance products to defined sectors and their vision is to become a unique supplier in the UK general insurance market, focussed on delivering specialist underwriting and fulfilment services to meet the needs of distinct customer and distribution groups.

The Challenge.
In a highly competitive market UK General understand that cost effective solutions to win and retain customers is an essential part of being able to target existing and emerging customers & distributors that need something special, something tailored to their specific needs – where competitors can’t respond or where it is below their premium requirements for special attention.

As competitors downsize/centralise and standardise UK General fill the vacuum that they leave, achieving success with flexibility and speed of response. UK General have fulfilment needs to support distributor requirements utilising leading edge technologies minimising costs and maximising speed to market/point of sale impact.

How We Did It.
OpenContact is an outsource contact centre and fulfilment business, based in Norwich. The family run and owned business was established in 2000 and currently employs 70 staff.

OpenContact provides inbound and outbound customer contact & fulfilment services to a wide variety of organisations including insurance providers, e-commerce retailers, charities and travel & leisure companies. Activities undertaken by the organisation range from sales processing, customer enquiry handling and message taking, through to document fulfilment, database management and bulk mailings.

OpenContact can handle customer contacts via the telephone, email, web, fax and post, and have a sophisticated, fully web-enabled technical set-up to support all services and requirements.

When UK General outsourced their existing operation, OpenContact transferred experienced and highly trained agents for a seamless interruption free service.

With the benefit of increased flexibility by multi-skilling existing agents OpenContact were able to support the peaks and troughs associated with a wide portfolio of diverse insurance products and deliver consistent service.

UK General and OpenContact work in a mutually beneficial partnership consistently achieving agreed service levels and business objectives; working together to continuously improve services offered to UK General customers.

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