Overflow Call Handling

overflow call handling services Even if you have your own in house call answering team, there may be times when they are stretched and cannot provide the service levels your customers expect.

Maybe you have a business with strong seasonality. Maintaining quality with seasonal temps and having resource in place during short, key trading times is tough.

Perhaps you’re planning a big marketing campaign, but are holding back because you can’t justify the fixed cost of bringing in new people for what may be a short demand peak.

It could be you simply struggle to provide the service levels you need all the time, due to holidays, sickness and maternity leave.


OpenContact can seamlessly integrate their team with yours, so that you can provide the levels of service, availability and processing you need. All day. Every day.

Our people will be trained so that we can deliver to the same standard as your own team.  Our performance targets will be matched to yours, so that we can deliver the same service and conversion levels that your core team does.

The benefit to your customers is that whenever they call, they will get a consistent, high-quality experience without being left hanging around.

Outsource Your Overflow Call Handling


overflow diagram of how an inbound call is handled by our contact centre team


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