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21 July 2014
Call Centre News
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Since the 30th of June, there has been a large projection cast upon one wall in our contact centre; it displays various statistics regarding the performance of our agents. This is part of a new initiative that OpenContact have put in place in order to create a buzz, engaging staff, motivating them and fostering a healthy atmosphere of competition on the calling floor.

We’ve also committed to collecting plenty of customer feedback in order to review the performance of our agents through the eyes of our customers. Our intention was to identify the star performers and ‘unsung heroes’ in our ranks – the ones responsible for providing fantastic customer service on a daily basis when representing our clients.

We are currently gathering the feedback of customers that we have served on behalf of Go Ape! (one of our bigger clients). At the end of each call, customers are given the option to answer a quick post call IVR survey, in which they can give some feedback about their experience.

We ask:

- How did the agent who dealt with your call perform?

- Was your query or issue resolved?

- If so, how easily was it resolved?

Over the past three weeks, we’ve collected a huge number of responses, and the feedback has been very informative.

So, which OpenContact agents are really the star performers?

The answer is – all of them. The feedback that we have received has been overwhelmingly positive. Many Go Ape! customers have gone to great lengths to express just how much they love conversing with our team.

Here are just a few examples, accompanied by the names of the agents involved:

“Very professional, very good, very prompt and very impressed indeed – thank you”

The Agent: Sophie

“Thank you Go Ape! customer service, really helpful advisor. Young chap – very helpful indeed, managed to sort out my requests for my family. Very quick, very easy and very convenient. Many thanks indeed. Really, really good customer service.”

The Agent: Connor

“I got through to a person very, very quickly. They were polite, dealt with my query very swiftly, and were genial and very easy to deal with.”

The Agent: James

“I must say, I have contacted about two or three people in your contact centre and they’ve been absolutely amazing. Great service, very impressive and I would certainly recommend them to others. Great job, keep it up.”

The Agents: Gilly (and others)

“With regard to the first question, the person who dealt with my call was absolutely brilliant. She was really helpful and I’m more than happy with the service she provided. Thank you very much.”

The Agent: Kay

“I think the lady who just served me was absolutely brilliant. Customer service was second to none – I work in customer service myself, and she was absolutely fantastic. Also, I rang up earlier and spoke to a gentleman called William. He was also fantastic. Your staff are absolutely amazing, big credit to them. Thank you very much.”

The Agents: Anita, William and all the rest

“Just wanted to say thanks to Luke, he was absolutely fabulous today”

The Agent? We’ll leave you to work that one out for yourself.

We are delighted with these responses and could not be more proud of the OpenContact team. They say that a call centre’s best asset is always its agents – that is certainly true in our case.

We’d like to thank all of the customers who have taken part in our IVR survey. Our sincerest thanks also go out to Luke, Sophie, Connor, James, Gilly, Anita, William and the rest of the OpenContact family. Keep up the good work!

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