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newcallOpenContact is a family-run business, with more than a decade of experience in the call centre industry.


dataHonest Pricing.

We understand that the bottom line is important and we know that there is no point in outsourcing unless there is a benefit to you.  As well as delivering a high quality service experience, we deal in straight-forward pricing per minute, or per call.

We do not try to weave in FTE (Full Time Equivalent) costs when you don’t need them.  Nor do we try to charge on an hourly basis.  You pay for the work we actually do for you.  It is that simple.


agent3Real People.

With our family background, we try to see our team in the same way.  That doesn’t mean we invite them round for Sunday lunch and bore them with details of how the children are doing, it means we try to create a relaxed, friendly environment in which our people can thrive.

At the top of this page you can see part of our call centre.  No crowded, noisy workspace for us! This means our team are relaxed and that your customers will get a premium service without the disruptive background noise that people associate with other call centres.

The benefits of this and the time we invest in regular training, coaching and personal development ensure that we have motivated people who deliver on each and every call.  This also helps us to have one of the lowest staff turnovers in the industry (8% in an industry where up to 20% is common).  So our training is not wasted and our people gain experience for the long term in our clients products and services.

We don’t do robotic call scripting and our agents are trained for multiple clients.  This adds to our team’s motivation and interest, and gives the customer confidence they are speaking to someone knowledgeable, who cares.


flexible call handling solutionsComplete Flexibility.

We are located in Norwich, Norfolk, which has a strong pedigree for quality contact centre operations, such as Aviva for example.  This means there is a large pool of high-quality people we can recruit quickly, while still recruiting for attitude rather than numbers.  So we can grow rapidly in response to any client needs without compromising on our strong standards.

Our objective is to make our clients more money and provide a quality customer experience.  That is why we say that “Our Business Is Your Call”.  Because we have worked with some amazing success stories, where growth has been strong, we are used to reacting fast and working closely with our clients.  We don’t offer packages or set boundaries, we just help you to deliver.

Some of our clients are regulated so our agents have the skills to handle any type of enquiry.



ethicsStrong Ethics.

We believe that giving our people respect and being completely transparent gives us a unique position within the market.  We aim to develop partnerships with our clients, building a close working relationship and really getting to understand their businesses.  It is this quality standard that has meant we are constantly recommended, gaining us even more experience and allowing us to work with top companies across the UK.

Our people don’t do jargon. that is why you won’t find pages of “fluff” on this website.  Our aim is always to talk to you openly and honestly.

We also have 100% call recording within our call centre, and provide regular samples to our clients for their feedback, as well as using it for our internal quality monitoring processes.


bananas copyFree Fruit!

Our call centre team get free fruit every day. When you come to have a look around Fiona will explain why we do that.  You can even have some if you want.

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