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Benefits of Outsourcing

Benefits of Outsourcing

Your company relies on good customer service in order to succeed.

Delivering a professional, confident and seamless customer experience is essential for reassuring your customers that they can trust your brand.

If they don’t, they will be more likely to defect to your competitors.

However, concentrating on providing excellent customer service will inevitably distract you from your core tasks and strategy for future growth. Faced with the issue of prioritising time and resources, you have a very limited set of options:

You can carry on as you are.

However, this means that customer service related responsibilities will continue to distract you from your long-term business objectives.

You can develop your own in-house customer service team.

However, this solution will drain your time and resources even further, ironically exacerbating the original problem.

Or you can discover the significant benefits of outsourcing. 

Cut Your Costs

Companies that outsource parts of their business in the UK experience average cost savings of 20-25%. Partnering with a specialist outsource contact centre gives you access to the best staff, infrastructure and technology in the industry, without having to personally make the required investments.

Improve Your Operation

As customer service specialists, outsource service providers like OpenContact possess high-quality staff, platforms and supporting technology. In addition to this, our staff are trained to an exceptionally high standard and have a wide breadth of experience across a diverse portfolio of clients.

The customer service industry is evolving at an alarming rate, but we constantly strive to remain ahead of the curve. We do this to ensure that our company is always well equipped to support yours, whatever the future brings.

Develop Your Company

The best outsource partners will always allow you to retain as much control of the outsourced operation as you need, while removing the distracting necessity of total man management. Worrying about limited numbers of staff, sickness and other inconveniences will become a thing of the past.

As a call centre, we record 100% of our calls and provide analytics for all of our operations. These detailed reports may well inspire you to place analytics across the other areas of your business that remain in-house.

Outsource Contact Centres Are Not All The Same

OpenContact provide customer contact support for a variety of companies and industries, based all over the UK.

We expertly manage customer interactions through many channels on behalf of our clients. The service we provide will allow you to differentiate on your sales, improve your performance metrics and maximise your profitability.

Our ability to build long-term business partnerships sets us apart from our competitors. We have a quality portfolio of long-term clients, all of whom would be delighted to recommend us.

As our client you will benefit from:

  • Customer contact solutions tailored to specifically fit your needs
  • An open and honest business relationship
  • Instant access to our extensive business consultancy experience

We want our team to become part of your company’s family, and for you to become part of ours. A partnership with OpenContact is a mutually beneficial business relationship that brings many advantages with it.

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