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Case Study:
UK General Insurance
"The OpenContact partnership delivered high quality, effective and consistent service which allowed for continued service improvements"


Industry Sector

Financial Services, Niche Insurance

Client Objectives

To achieve higher levels of customer service and more sales conversions, with a flexible, cost-effective and growth supporting infrastructure

UK General Insurance

UK General is an award-winning insurance provider with innovative trading solutions and specialist insurance products.

They are a unique supplier in the UK general insurance market, with focus on delivering specialist underwriting and fulfilment services which can meet the needs of distinct customer and distributor groups.

The Challenge

UK General’s aim was to provide customers with products tailored to their specific needs, in areas where competitors are unable to respond. To provide such a wide variety of niche insurance products, and to support all these products with appropriate customer contact options, is an enormous task. UK General needed a versatile partner capable of providing all these services in a cost-effective fashion.

As competitors downsize, centralise and standardise, UK General fill the resulting vacuum – their success is reliant on their flexibility and speed of response. This meant that they also needed a partner with the ability to adapt and expand along with the expected growth of their company.

The Solution

When UK General opted to outsource their existing operation, OpenContact quickly provided them with experienced and highly trained agents, resulting in a seamless and interruption free transition. OpenContact supported UK General with a diverse array of services, including:

-        Niche Insurance Provision

-        Post-Sales Enquiry Handling

-        Medical Screening Services

-        Referrals to Underwriters

-        Document Fulfilment

The service that OpenContact provided UK General with was reliable and of consistently high quality.

OpenContact’s multi-skilled agents allowed UK General more flexibility, providing support for the peaks and troughs associated with a wide portfolio of various insurance products.  

The Result

UK General and OpenContact worked as mutually beneficial partners for many years, consistently achieving agreed business objectives and levels of service. OpenContact were always willing to adapt their service to meet UK General’s requirements, continually seeing the satisfaction of UK General’s customers as their highest priority.