28 Inbound Call Handling Services
Inbound Call Handling

Inbound Call Handling

We provide a range of bespoke inbound call handling services for a number of clients. This is very important to us, as it means we can tailor our services to suit the needs of your business, rather than offering an ‘off the shelf solution’.  

Our Inbound call handling services include: 

  • Expertise - Inbound call handling is something we have been offering as a core service since 2000
  • Tailor-Made - All of our services are handmade for each individual client, rather than off the shelf solutions
  • Long Term Partnerships - We invest in a long-term partnership with our clients, allowing us to become their brand ambassadors
  • Experience - We deal with a wide range of businesses and industries
  • Flexibility - We know that many businesses have seasonality and fluctuations in trade, and we can help overcome these challenges
  • Support - We have supported many businesses through pre-launch, start-up and rapid growth phases, as well as aiding more established organisations to concentrate on their core functions

We also provide a range of additional services including:

Our dedicated client relationship team provide tailored reporting to reflect what each of our clients need to know. This can include call answer rates, time to answer, performance against service level agreements, as well as call types & outcomes and customer’s views

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