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Case Study:
The View from The Shard


Industry Sector

Leisure Activities 

Client Objectives

To deliver a premium booking experience for The View from The Shard guests. 

The View from The Shard

The View from The Shard provide the highest viewing point from any building in Western Europe, nearly twice as high as any other view in London. The building is incredible and the encounter unparalleled – guests are invited to experience the most spectacular views of the city and gain an understanding of London’s past, present and future like never before. The View from The Shard spans floors 68, 69 and 72 of The Shard, at a height of 800ft. The visit provides guests with a multi-sensory experience and 360° views.

The Challenge

The View from The Shard recognised that, if they wanted to offer a truly premium experience to their customers, they needed to ensure that they had a quality booking experience to offer. They wanted a booking system that was available both online and over the phone, along with an efficient customer service operation present to support it.  

As a new attraction, it was crucial for The View from The Shard to find an experienced partner who they could trust to deliver this level of quality, as well as satisfy and excite their customers prior to their arrival.

The Solution

When The View from The Shard chose to appoint OpenContact, they invited all of the team to enjoy the amazing views and experience the attraction as their customers would, before handling any calls.

Now all OpenContact agents are able to accurately describe the spectacular views and the exhilarating experience that The View from The Shard provide for all of their customers. OpenContact take all inbound booking and customer service calls on behalf of The View from The Shard. They also handle all of The View from The Shard’s outbound customer service and booking requests. 

OpenContact also handle all customer services emails and the live chat service on The View from The Shard’s website, meaning customers no longer have to stop what they’re doing to get in touch and have instant support.

OpenContact’s agents all fully appreciate the prestige of the brand that they are now part of. Their training and firsthand experience allow them to approach every call with a combination of professionalism and enthusiasm.

The Result

By studying the company, experiencing the view and working closely with the entire team at The View from The Shard, OpenContact now accurately reflect the brand that they have been hired to represent.

The addition of a live chat service has also helped The View from The Shard drive website conversion as it answers the small questions instantly allowing customers to complete their booking online.

This, combined with years of expertise, has enabled OpenContact’s agents to consistently deliver the high level of service that The View from The Shard require from them.