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Survey Finds That Customers Want Service Rather Than Price Savings


Would you rather pay a higher amount in exchange for a better service than purchase a cheaper product that will provide a lower quality service?

Research has revealed that for the majority of customers, service is more important to customers when making a purchasing decision than a low price, although price is of course still a factor.

83% of shoppers are looking to add value for money when buying products through greater levels of customer service, rather than choosing the cheaper option. 38% of consumers stated customer service as the highest influencing factor for purchasing decision-making, while only 28% chose price.

Concentrating on providing low prices over customer service will only result in short-term benefits and could damage a company’s reputation in the long term. Many customers said that they would not return to the same shop for up to 6 months after having a bad experience there.

Our clients have found that by partnering with OpenContact to provide them with a high-quality outsourced customer service function, rather than worrying about customer service, they can concern themselves with creating more value for the customers by having more time for other key tasks. Our range of call centre services for small and large businesses allow us to get on with making sure your customer service is of a high standard, leaving you to run your business.

by Fiona Brown on 14th July 2018